Brazilian blowout indicated for delicate hair that has been through continuous chemical processes. Its formula is rich in argan and quinoa protein. Its active ingredients promote the reduction of capillary volume and restauration of hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and healthy. Not indicated for pregnant women and children under 12.  

Formaldehyde free.

It straightens the hair and reduces the hair volume.

  • Step 1 Shampoo (1L/35.2oz)
  • Step 2 Activator Base (1L/35.2oz)

Argan: Powerful hydrator and natural antioxidant, it promotes the sealing of the capillary cuticle and prevents split ends. Besides, it is emollient and is responsible for bringing smoothness to the hair, restoring the capillary fiber, and slowing hair aging while nourishing and revitalizing the hair and the scalp.

Quinoa: Vegetable protein that can be incorporated to the shampoo and promotes a smoother, more nourishing hair cleansing. The amino acids present in the quinoa help repair damage present on the hair structure, while its proteins strengthen and protect the hair. Quinoa can also help with hair growth, as it prevents hair from breaking.

Wash the hair with Deep Cleaning Shampoo. Repeat the process, if necessary, until the hair is totally clean. Apply the Liss Activator Base to the whole length of the hair, strand by strand. Let it rest on the hair for around 40 minutes. Rinse with water. Iron the hair in fine locks, repeating 10 to 15 times for each lock.

Important: To reach the ideal result of hair straightening, the iron should have a thermostat indicating at least 200°C (392F).