BB Cream for Hair

BB Cream for Hair is a powerful capillary primer. Its formula is rich in vegetable extracts, D-Panthenol, amino acids, and active ingredients that protect and repair the hair. Multifunctional and of easy application, the provides more shine and vitality to the hair.

10 uses in a single product:

1. Anti-frizz action

2. Models the hair

3. Repairs damage to the hair

4. Prevents split ends

5. Promotes capillary strengthening

6. Promotes intense shine

7. Antioxidant effect

8. Acts and a photo protector/Has UV filters

9. Gives the hair thermal protection

10. Protects the hair’s natural color

  • Concentrated Formula
  • Provides the sealing of the capillary cuticles
  • Activates shine and anti-frizz effect
  • Indicated for all types of hair
  • BB Cream (250ml) e (150ml)

D-Panthenol: D-Panthenol acts in benefit of the hair, promoting a myriad of benefits to the vitality and beauty of the hair. The substance promotes long-term hydration to the hair, improves its texture and malleability, reduces the formation of split ends, improves the condition of damaged hair, and gives it shine.

Vegetable Extracts: Vegetable extracts have the function of hydrating, nurturing, and restoring the hair, while also treating dandruff and hair loss and helping with hair growth.

Apply a small amount of BB Cream for Hair in wet hair and spread with your hands. Avoid applying the product close to the root and the scalp.

Tip: Apply BB Cream before brushing or exposing your hair to the sun or another source of heat. You can also use it to model or untangle the hair.