Our story

Inspired in the royalty of the old world, Amitys was born. Since 2006, we have offered innovative products with the highest degree of quality, performance, and technology. From development to completion, we seek to provide self-esteem and well-being to people, rescuing the brightness of beauty that exists in each of them.

At Amitys, the beauty professional receives special attention. We are always watching out for the innovation and tendencies of the beauty market to make sure we offer modern products that value the work of the professional and make the clients satisfied.

Discover Amitys and be amazed.


To contribute to the betterment of people’s self-esteem, providing innovative, high-quality cosmetics.


To excel in the national and international markets of hair cosmetics.


  • Innovation
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Commitment and ethics
  • Socio-environmental responsibility
  • Technologic Capacitation
  • Worker Appreciation
  • High Quality Standards
  • Excellence